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What to Do If Your Dentures in Parma Heights Are Broken or Damaged

April 9, 2019

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set of full denturesDentures in Parma Heights are more comfortable and more resilient than at any time in the past. Still, it is possible for them to become damaged or broken, either from an accident or simple oversight. If this happens, then it’s important not to attempt the repair yourself. Instead you should call your dentist right away for instructions.

Why Repairing Dentures Is Not a DIY Job

Modern dentures are amazing medical devices. Each pair is custom created to match the wearer’s profile. They’re crafted using only medical grade materials for your safety and comfort. They’re designed to last for many years without problems.

Just as you wouldn’t try to repair a complex piece of machinery without the proper tools and training, so you shouldn’t try to apply a quick fix to damaged dentures. Unfortunately, the Internet is filled with suggestions from well-meaning people on this topic. Many of the tips they offer involve using over-the-counter products or basic hand tools. Not only can following these ideas make the problem worse, they may also cause you injury or discomfort.

What Your Dentist May Suggest

Your dentist may suggest removing your dentures from your mouth and placing them in the storage case you received when you were first fitted. If this is not available, that he or she may recommend using a shoebox or similar small container.

It’s important to bring all the pieces of the dentures with you to the dentist’s office. In the meantime, you may want to apply a small amount of dental wax to the damaged section of the dentures to prevent cuts or sores in your mouth.

Some situations may call for emergency help. You should seek medical care right away if you’re experiencing severe pain, swelling in your face, or bleeding. Try to remain calm and get to a local hospital or clinic as soon as possible.

The Best Cure Is Prevention

Customized dentures should last for many years with minimal trouble. Getting the most benefit from them means following a few basic care steps. These include:

  • Wearing the denture as much as possible for the first few weeks. This is important for ensuring a good long-term fit with your oral profile.
  • Letting the dentist make any adjustments. Sometimes people who are handy with tools or materials try to do their own denture repair in Parma Heights. This is a mistake that can cause the appliance to fail, requiring extensive repair.
  • Following your dentist’s daily care recommendations. This includes keeping the dentures moist, cleaning them as directed, and using care when putting them in your mouth or taking them out.
  • Seeing your dentist for regular visits. The contours of your jaw will change over time. Your dentist will need to reline your dentures accordingly. Otherwise you may find that they don’t fit as well as they used to.

Dentures can make every aspect of your life better. In return, all they need is regular care. Follow your dentist’s direction and you’ll soon be on your way to brighter smiles and better days.

About the Author

Dr. Glenn Shtarkman has been practicing dentistry for more than 12 years. His range of expertise includes denture placement and adjustments. You can reach as office online or by calling (440) 885-5354.

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