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Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants in Parma Heights

three generations of women smiling Do you need to replace one or more teeth? Instead of seeking treatment with a traditional bridge or denture, consider a service known as dental implants. Whether you need to replace just one tooth or multiple teeth, this versatile service can help. What's more, implants are structured like natural teeth. The crown portion replaces your missing tooth while the titanium implant underneath acts as a prosthetic root. Because of this, patients who choose dental implants end up with results that look and feel more natural.

The Dental Implants Process

A full implant procedure is completed in two phases over a period of a few months. In the first phase, known as the placement phase, one or more implant posts will be surgically placed in your jaw. How many implants you receive will depend on how many teeth you're replacing.

The placement phase is followed by a healing period that lasts for three to six months. During this time, your jawbone will fuse with your implant(s), creating a strong, natural bond between them.

In the second phase of your treatment--known as the restoration phase--Dr. Shtarkman will attach an abutment to each of your implants. Meanwhile, our lab will create a new prosthetic just for you. When your crown, bridge, or denture is ready, you'll come back to our Parma Heights office to have it attached.

After an adjustment period, you can look forward to enjoying a full, healthy smile again.

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

As effective as dental implants are, they aren't right for everyone. If you'd like to know if you're a candidate for treatment with dental implants, visit Dr. Shtarkman for a special consultation. During your appointments, he'll assess your smile to determine what's right for you. If you have questions about the plan he recommends, we would be happy to answer them.

Call Advanced Dental Center to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shtarkman. Our office is happy to serve patients from Parma Heights, Berea, West Cleveland, Brooklyn, Strongsville, and Lakewood with exceptional dental care.

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