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Missing Teeth: Hurting More Than Just Your Appearance

July 26, 2019

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Woman with nice smileDid you know that at least 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth? If you’re missing teeth, you may be familiar with some of the ways they affect your day-to-day life. This problem can cause lack of confidence, ability to smile, and trouble with speaking. However, there are even more serious oral health issues that can occur if your missing teeth aren’t replaced. In fact, even just one lost tooth can lead to severe oral health problems, including additional tooth loss. Keep reading to learn more about these hidden dangers and why dental implants are the best replacement option.


Broken Dentures in Parma Heights? This Time, Try Implants

June 7, 2019

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Implant Supported DenturesDentures can be life-changing, but they can also be a hassle. They might become loose in your mouth while speaking and chewing, and they often need to be adjusted due to changes in your jaw; there’s also a risk of breaking them whenever you take them out for cleaning. Fortunately, there’s a much more convenient solution. Here are 3 benefits of getting dentures in Parma Heights that are supported by dental implants.


What to Do If Your Dentures in Parma Heights Are Broken or Damaged

April 9, 2019

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set of full denturesDentures in Parma Heights are more comfortable and more resilient than at any time in the past. Still, it is possible for them to become damaged or broken, either from an accident or simple oversight. If this happens, then it’s important not to attempt the repair yourself. Instead you should call your dentist right away for instructions.


Here’s How to Care for Your Dentures in Parma Heights

March 31, 2019

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set of full denturesCaring for your dentures in Parma Heights is easy. You should clean them using a soft-bristle toothbrush, use care when handling them, and remove them daily for soaking. You should also massage your gums, eat a nutritious diet, and see your dentist if you notice a change in the way the denture fits. A little bit of preventative care now can lead to big benefits over time.


Your Guide to Dentures in Parma Heights

February 14, 2019

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dentist holding denturesIf you’re struggling with a broken smile and cover your mouth every time you talk, it’s may be time for you to start considering dental options like dentures. You’re probably dreading going to the dentist for your denture journey. But truthfully, it will improve your quality of life and allow you to continue doing the things you normally would. Getting your custom dentures in Parma Heights is an important decision, so your dentist is here to offer you a guide of facts and options available to you.


3 Ways to Promote Your Oral Health in 2019 with Your Dentist in Parma Heights

January 3, 2019

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New Year fireworks

With the new year, many people make goals to improve their bodies, their minds, and their careers. Although these are all worthy causes, don’t forget one important thing—your mouth. Did you know that your oral health can impact your overall health? In fact, issues in the mouth have been linked to serious medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and more. So as you make resolutions this year, make a few to improve your oral health with these three ideas from your dentist in Parma Heights. (more…)

Your First Visit to a Dentist in Parma Heights: What to Expect

December 3, 2018

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Woman smiling in dentist's chair.Seeing a new dentist can cause anxiety and stress for many people, but these visits are important. Although it may not be your most favorite appointment on your calendar, your first dental visit to a new practice is important to make. If you feel anxious about your upcoming appointment, it can help to know what will occur when you’re there. Keep reading to learn about the process of a typical first visit and why it’s important to see your dentist in Parma Heights.


2 Reasons from Your Dentist in Parma Heights to Maximize Your Dental Insurance

October 19, 2018

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Smiling woman in the dental chair. Fall and winter bring with them the holidays. Filled with exciting parties and gift giving, it’s a busy time of year. The last thing on your mind is likely to be calling your dentist in Parma Heights for an appointment, but here why that’s important to think about right now.


Dentist Recommends Invisalign in Parma Heights Over Smile Direct Club

September 3, 2018

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A pair of clear aligners on a table.If you’ve been sitting in a bar having a drink or watching tv at home, you’ve probably seen advertisements for mail-order clear aligner systems such as Smile Direct Club. This trend of allowing offsite dentists and orthodontists to manage your future smile has been making gains in recent years, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch Invisalign in Parma Heights and assume the mail-order system is identical.

Here are four reasons why you should skip the mail-order solution for orthodontic treatment.


Your Dentist Explains How to Care for Invisalign in Parma Heights

August 16, 2018

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clear Invisalign alignersYou’ve lived with bite issues long enough, so now it’s time to experience smile perfection with Invisalign in Parma Heights. Before you receive your clear aligners, though, your dentist says it’s important to know how to care for them. Read on to learn why Invisalign in Parma Heights is an excellent option and what to do to maintain them.


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