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Your Dentist Offers 3 Tips to Break Your Bad Dental Habits

August 10, 2017

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couple brushing their teethYou might think you’re taking good care of your teeth, but let’s face it — everyone has at least one habit that isn’t so great for those pearly whites. You might even be damaging your smile without realizing what you’re doing! Fortunately, your dentist in Parma Heights is here to offer three tips that will help you break those bad dental habits. Your teeth will thank you for changing your ways.

Go Easy When You’re Brushing

It’s fantastic that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, but a habit that is generally good can take a turn for the worse if you don’t do it correctly. Too many people are a tad aggressive when they’re brushing; they cross the line into actually scrubbing their teeth, reasoning that it’s the best way to get rid of plaque and other little yuckies.

However, brushing too hard can wear away your enamel. Use gentle strokes, and think about switching out your toothbrush with one for softer bristles. Be especially aware of the need to go easy on your pearly whites right after you’ve eaten sugary or acidic foods; acid temporarily weakens the enamel, so it’s best to wait half an hour to an hour after you consume these foods before you brush.

If you have any questions about the best techniques for brushing, search for a “dentist near me” and feel free to voice all your concerns at your next appointment.

Buy a Multi-Tool

Did you know that a Swiss Army knife can actually make your teeth healthier? No, you’re not going to use it to clean your mouth or perform surgery on yourself. It’s going to stop you from using your teeth as a multi-tool.

Because your mouth is always with you, it’s tempting and convenient to put your pearly whites to work when you need to cut something or open a package. Don’t do it! Teeth are meant to chew food, not plastic, paper, and fingernails. Using them for the wrong purpose can result in chips, cracks and other damage.

Be Careful About What You Drink

One of the worst things you can do to your teeth is regularly consume acidic beverages, like soda. Both regular and diet soda are highly acidic, which means that they can erode your enamel and play a big role in contributing to decay.

Try to choose water, which doesn’t contain any acid at all. If you get bored with plain old H2O, add a little fruit to give it extra flavor. When you do choose to indulge in soda, drink it with a straw and don’t sip it over a long period of time. Also, regardless of how often you drink acidic beverages, don’t forget your twice-yearly visits to the dentist; a professional can look for damage and repair it before your favorite fizzy drinks do serious harm to your smile.

Bad habits are part of human nature, but if you do your best to conquer them, your smile will be healthier and happier.

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